• Nelson Salas

AMR INDUSTRIAL - Polestar Flying Car Concept

Andrew Michael Robertson from AMR Industrial (http://www.amrindustrial.com/) designs a two (02) seater flying car concepts, Andrews modify his concept to be powered by four (04) vector thrust fluidic thrusters with JETX tecnology.

Andrews is a young and creative Transportation/ Product Designer with a background in Mechanical Engineering and Design Technology. Proficient in SolidWorks and Keyshot with working knowledge in various other 3-Dimensional software programs, as well hardware machinery (3-D Printers, Scanners, and CNC machines). Able to create highly refined 3D models through solid and/or surface modeling for engineering testing and photorealistic imagery. Experienced in Automotive Design conceptually and practically, (over 10 years of work accumulated both personally and professionally), achieved through Automotive Styling, innovative problem solving, customization, modification, and complete manifestation. Familiarity with VRED.

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