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About Us

JETX, born in the year 2020 with the idea of provide sustainable solutions for the Electric Vertical Take-off and landing (eVTOL’s) aircraft market. 

Solutions includes high-tech eVTOL's aircraft of advanced design, electric propulsion systems and a modular and scalable platforms for the development of Electric Vertical Take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

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Ranked number 2 in the top ten most read eVTOL stories of 2022


Partner with NEUROBOTX a Boeing portfolio company that uses simulation and AI to bring autonomous vehicles faster to the market

Meet The Team

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Nelson Salas

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Aeronautical Engineer, More than 24 years of experience in the aviation sector, has more than 13 recognized aircraft concept projects on the eVTOL’s market, has more than 10 years of experience on aircraft fleet maintenance and operation including the management of an aircraft service center, Has managed budgets greater than USD $15 million per year. 


Urupagua Urquiola

Lawyer, More than 20 years of experience in directing legal deparments of public and private institutions, also in management, she specializes in forming   effective work teams, auditing internal processes, can quickly detect and identify processes that need to be redefined or adjusted to guarantee the optimal operation of a company.


Bryan Welcel

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Private Pilot, More than 10 years experience in managerial roles, where he gets expertise in marketing, staffing, personnel supervision, sale process, payroll management and parts logistic, He managed numerous real estate projects including private golf courses as large as USD $5 million. Patented modular housing system. Inventor of the propulsion system.

Team Highlights

  • Aeronautical engineer/Lawyer/Private Pilot

  • Experience in Sales of Goods, Aircraft and Aircraft Parts

  • Experience in Aeronautic projects

  • Experience in Aircraft service center management and Aircraft Fleet maintenance and operations

  • Patent pending on several propulsion systems and a modular and scalable platform for vertical flight capable flying vehicles development.

  • Built and tested successfully, proof of concept prototypes of propulsion.

  • Over USD $15 millions/year budgets management and USD $5 millions on sales of goods.

  • Vector Thrust Propulsion System was submitted into 2021 HSVTOL AFWERX challenge, been selected to showcase in Las Vegas, Nevada on august 2021.


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